Not So Easy Right?

Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors this summer thinking that they would give him the best chance to win the NBA title. The season started off smoothly for the Golden State Warriors, becoming the first team this season to reach 50 wins and clinch a playoff spot. The Warriors are the team to beat this season; the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title last season but with Kevin Durant on the Warriors they are favorited to win the title this season.

The Golden State Warriors are (6-4) in their last 10 games. Kevin Durant sprained his MCL almost 2 weeks ago and the Warriors have not looked the same.635693290884210411-USATSI-8602218.jpg Curry is not playing like the way he did last year when he won the MVP. Kevin Durant is the Golden State Warriors; without him the Warriors are not the same team. Teams like the Houston Rockets and of course the San Antonio Spurs will give Golden State problems in the playoffs if they don’t have their best player Kevin Durant. The Spurs are now one game back from the Warriors for the number 1 seed in the Western Conference. Kevin Durant is going to miss the rest of the regular season; the Warriors will most likely not keep the 1 one seed in the west without Durant. The Spurs are (9-1) their last 10 games.

Many teams made their last minute transactions before the trade deadline passed. The Cleveland Cavaliers added veterans like Deron Williams, Kyler Korver and Andrew Bogut; whom got hurt just after two minutes in his first game as a Cavalier. kevin-love-lebron-james-kyrie-irving-nba-cleveland-cavaliers-charlotte-hornets-1-e1459182290544-1Realistically, Bogut was not a key part of Cleveland’s rotation so this injury won’t impact them as much. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the best change to beat the Warriors especially with superstar players like LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

If Kevin Durant doesn’t come back to full strength during the playoffs, the Golden State Warriors will lose in the second round of the playoffs. They signed players like Matt Barnes to replace Durant. Barnes is no Durant and he won’t contribute enough to replace Kevin Durant. The San Antonio Spurts, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and the sleeper team that no one talks about; the Utah Jazz. Utah has an excellent defense and is going to be a hard team to knock out the playoffs. Not going to be so easy for the Warriors.


Better Luck Next Year!?

The Golden State Warriors are (50-10) through 60 games in the NBA season. Which is the best record in the NBA. This season means a lot for the Golden State Warriors because they lost in the NBA finals last year and are the villains of the NBA this season especially after superstar Keven Durant signed with the team this offseason.

Last season, Golden State set the record for the most wins in an NBA regular season with 73 wins and only nine loses. They were able to reach the NBA finals but only to blew a 3-1 series lead to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. With an attempt to reach the NBA finals again and redeem themselves from an embarrassing finals lost; the Warriors desperately recruited free agent Kevin Durant and gutted most of their team to get Durant to join the Warriors.

The sad truth about Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors is; Durant himself and the Oklahoma City Thunder blew a 3-1 series lead to the Warriors in the Western Conference finals; which lead to Golden State also blowing a 3-1 series lead that same year in the NBA finals. Golden State gutted their team to be able to sign free agent Kevin Durant. maxresdefault.jpgWhen Durant signed with Golden State, there were a lot of tension between current NBA players, his old teammates and the sports media. Why would you (Durant) sign to a team that you blew a 3-1 series lead to? and also wouldn’t you want to compete with the best teams instead of joining them? There were a lot of questions surrounding Kevin Durant’s decision to team up with Curry, Green and Thompson.

Now, Kevin Durant has a grade two MCL sprained and a bone bruised in his left leg and is expected to miss about four weeks. The NBA playoffs are right around the corner. Kevin Durant’s timetable for his return is right before the playoff start. The real question is; will Durant be healthy enough to play without re-injuring his MCL again when he returns to the court? The Warriors are desperate for his replacement and signed Matt Barnes to their roster.

The Cleveland Cavaliers reloaded their roster with new additions during the season; Derrick Williams, Deron Williams and former Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut were added to their roster.lebron-james-kyrie-irving-nba-cleveland-cavaliers-phoenix-suns.jpg If the Warriors want to defeat the defending champs, they will need Kevin Durant back at full strengths. Matt Barnes is a good player but Golden State will not advance to the NBA finals if Durant does not recover to full strength. Better luck next year!




The Unexpected

It’s finally about that time of the year. The NBA Playoffs. If you are a basketball fan we know how long and dreadful the season was.

There are many basketball fans all around the world. Die heart fans will follow basketball all year round including the offseason transactions. The 2015 basketball season was suppose to one of the most anticipated season in very long. LeBron James left the Miami Heat and returned back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team that originally drafted him first overall back in the 2003 draft. After Miami Heat’s terrible performance in the NBA finals against defending champs San Antonio Spurs last season, LeBron James knew it was time for a change. Going back to Cleveland met that he and a young All Star point guard named Kyrie Irving would be teammates. LeBron James is the best player in the world. Him going back to Cleveland changed the landscape in the NBA.

Carmelo Anthony decided to stay with the New York Knicks, which he has yet to prove that it was a good decision. He missed the rest of the season after the 2015 All Star game. The New York Knicks had no hope at making a NBA finals run if even he did play the whole season. Let’s not forget about Kobe Bryant and how his season ended short again due to injuries. Ending the Los Angeles Lakers hopes at a championship this season.

After all the offseason moves happened, the teams that were favored to go to the 2015 NBA Finals were the Oklahoma City Thunder from the Western Conference and the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Eastern Conference. The season did not start very well for both teams as they dealt with a lot of injuries. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were about to get into form mid way through the season and finished with the 2nd best record in the East. While the Oklahoma City Thunder season didn’t start well, it also did not finish well.

All season long Oklahoma City Thunder star, Kevin Durant was battling a nagging foot injury that he happened during practice at the beginning of the season. While the other Thunder star, Russell Westbrook was able to keep the team fighting till the very last game of the season. The final spot in the Western Conference standing was going to be between the Thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans (the surprising team of the season). They both won their final game of the season but the Pelicans owned the tiebreaker over the Thunder so they claimed the final 8th spot in the West.

Regardless, it’s going to be a great NBA Playoff season. Go Cleveland Cavaliers!!