“No Love in Cleveland”

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the Boston Celtics 101-93 to finish of their sweep and advance to the next round of the NBA Playoffs. The win of course came with a cost, Kevin Love dislocated his shoulder early in the 1st quarter. J.R Smith was also ejected in the 3rd quarter leaving the Cavaliers short handed at the shooting guard position.

Every game this series between the Celtics and Cavaliers has been an intense game. Although the Celtics lost every game against the Cavaliers, they showed that they were not going to back down from from the best team in the Eastern Conference. Early in the 1st quarter of game 4, Kevin Love from Cleveland and Kelly Olynyk from the Boston Celtics were fighting for a lose ball and at the end of the scuffle for the ball Kevin Love got up holding his shoulder and screaming.

During that game, J.R Smith of the Cavaliers and Jae Crowder of the Celtics were talking back and fourth all game. Until the middle of the 3rd quarter when J.R Smith had his last words and punched Jae Crowder in the face.

The punch from J.R Smith to Jae Crowder was what got the game going. The fans and players really got into the game. It almost seemed like the Cavaliers took it personal. Especially with the injury to Kevin Love which some players called dirty because Kelly Olynyk purposely hurt Kevin Love.

Kevin Love is out with a dislocated shoulder and is most likely going to miss the rest of the playoffs. J.R Smith is suspended for the next two games. This is a blow to the Cavaliers because the acquisition of Kevin Love in the offseason was what they needed to put their name in the conversation to reach the 2015 NBA Finals. Now the Cavaliers have to rely on their low scoring bench to make up for the lost of Kevin Love and J.R Smith.


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