The Struggles In Cleveland

It’s almost the All-Star break in the NBA season. At this point of the year many teams have already found their identity and are just adjusting a few things before making their post-season run. The Cleveland Cavaliers are having an up and down season so far. They started the season under .500 win percentage throughout the first 15 games of the season. Isaiah Thomas, the acquired star in the Kyrie Irving to Boston trade was not in the line for the first 35 games of the season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers started the season 5-7, then won 19 out of their next 21 games. They have been dealing with some injuries this year. It doesn’t help that they are the oldest team in the NBA this season. Derrick Rose just recently came back after taking some time off from basketball for personal reasons (thinking about retirement due to injuries). He will be worked back into the line up.




The best thing Cleveland has going for them is LeBron James; He has been having a career season so far and should win MVP this season. Career highs in shooting percentage, efficiency and much more. The Cavaliers are 3-7 in their last 10 games and are still struggling on defense. Isaiah Thomas is back in the line up now and have to adjust to him in the line up which will take some time.

Cleveland is 3rd in the Eastern Conference behind the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. Not getting the number one seed hasn’t been a problem for LeBron James in the past. Last year Cleveland was the 2nd seed and LeBron James didn’t have a problem on the way to his 7th straight NBA finals.Ben-Simmons-and-Joel-Embiid-will-be-integral-to-the-Philadelphia-76ers-if-they-want-to-make-the-playoffs-1126362 This year it will be much tougher for Cleveland because the Eastern Conference has gotten better this year with teams like; Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers getting stronger and younger.

Even though the Cavaliers are struggling I still think that they will make it to the NBA finals but will lose to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James is too good of a player to beat in a 7-games series. Cleveland is an experience team and will find a way to make it back to the finals this year.



Creating Awareness (Branding)

Branding is the most important thing if you are a company looking for major exposure. Some brands lack resources to make their brand stronger. Yes, it does take money to create a strong enough brand so people will recognize but it will be worth it in the long run. Creating brand loyalty with the community takes several years especially if you are looking for a huge fan base.

Promotion is everything when it comes to branding. Word of mouth marketing is very important because that is the best way of promotion. Having friends that tell their friends about your brand is more efficient and most importantly, it’s free.

This quarter my group has been working with the CWU Wildcat Store. Our goal is to create more awareness for the Wildcat Shop. We have been focusing more on the MadLab; which is in the back on the bookstore but gets little recognition because of poor promotion. Most students at Central Washington haven’t heard of the MadLab yet. The MadLab is an example of a brand that has very little promotion. They have yet to create enough awareness. Some students do not know what MadLab is or where it is located. They need to do a better job at promoting and finding a better target audience. Their brand will become much more effective with a different promotion strategy.

Slow Start

The 2017 NBA season is off to a great start. There are a lot of surprising players and teams so far this season. Philadelphia 76ers rookie sensation Ben Simmons is off to a great start. He is averaging almost 20 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists a game. The Orlando Magic are in 3rd place in the East, Cleveland is 13th and the Boston Celtics have won 6 straight games after losing their first 2 games. Golden State Warriors are 6-3 after a slow start but they have been playing well the last couple of games. The Cleveland Cavaliers are 3-5 after losing 4 straight games. They will be playing the Washington Wizards tonight. (update: The defeated the Wizards 130-122, LeBron James with 57pts)


Lonzo Ball #2 of the Los Angeles Lakers

Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers is having an up and down year so far. He was the 2nd overall pick in this NBA draft. Ball was the most hyped rookie coming out of the draft this year. He is averaging 9 points, 6 rebounds and 6  assists this season. Although he did have a 28 point game over a win in Phoenix Suns his second career game.

Some teams have been hit with some injuries to start the season especially the Houston Rockets. They lost Chris Paul for about a month. The Boston Celtics lost Gordon Hayward for the season during the first game of the season. Teams will be looking to bounce back and play through some injuries as the season continues.



Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks came into the season with high expectations because of their prior history. They are now 3-2 and will be playing the New York Giants at 1:25 PM on Sunday. The Seahawks offense has been struggling this year and is ranked in the bottom of the NFL averaging less than 15 points a game.  The defense has been great in every game this year. The Seahawks defense is ranked top 5 in the NFL so far this year.

Seahawks lost Chris Carson for the year a couple of weeks ago.


Seattle Seahawk’s Chris Carson 

He was their best running back so far this year. The offense line is again struggling to protect Russell Wilson. They have been getting better through out the year but the injuries are starting to add up.  Eddie Lacy was signed this past summer to help our running game but so far it has not gone the way the Seahawks  planned. Thomas Rawls is coming back from injury but so far is off to a slow start.

The Seahawks gameplay is to managed the offense and play through the defense. That is a good game plan but the offense cannot keep the defense on the field to much. The defense gets tired throughout the game if they are on the field to much. They have been putting the defense in some bad spots sometimes.

The Unexpected “DJ PacWeezy”


PacWeezyLogo(2).jpgDJ PacWeezy is an upcoming DJ from the NorthWest but most of his work and artist/producers are California based. Inspired by DJ Khaled, DJ PacWeezy hosts singles/mixtapes and events. DJ PacWeezy will be signed with Higher Entertainment within the next couple months. DJ PacWeezy has worked with producers like JuneOnnaBeat , TkThisBeatBang, and more producers on his upcoming debut album “Faded Friday” dropping in the Spring of 2018.

DJ PacWeezy’s first single “Straight To The Money” dropped in April of this year featuring California based artists’ Prince Sole, Yung Incredible and Jon Dough. “Straight To The Money” was DJ PacWeezy’s debut Single and now has almost 10K plays on YouTube and 17K plays on SoundCloud. “Ride It” produced by JuneOnnaBeat featuring Jt The 4th and Jon Dough is one of DJ PacWeezy’s most popular songs out right now. “Ride It” is almost at 11K plays and 300 likes on YouTube. “Ride it” on Soundcloud has over 400 likes and almost at 15K plays.

Before The Fame Vol. 1” and “While You Sleep Vol. 1” mixtape series is something that DJ PacWeezy will continue to drop while his fans wait for his album “Faded Friday”. Both mixtapes are out now on YouTube and SoundCloud. More mixtape series will be announced at a later date.

Faded Friday the Album is set to drop Spring of 2018 but DJ PacWeezy has already released two Singles from the album. “Ain’t To Many” produced by one of his favorite producers JuneOnnaBeat. “Ain’t To Many” features artists; Yung Incredible, Balance, Remedy and 4rAx from the popular Bay Area group “The Mekanix” on the hook. Faded Friday is the other Single that has already dropped from DJ PacWeezy’s debut album. “Faded Friday” is produced by TkThisBeatBang and it features artists; Jt The 4th, Yung Incredible and LoverBoy Bass on the hook. Listen/Share DJ PacWeezy songs on all social media platforms as he continues to work on his album.

Fans can follow DJ PacWeezy on all social media.

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Time for Some NBA

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship easily last year. Defeating LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Most will say that Golden State cheated and that it wasn’t fair because the second best player in the NBA; Kevin Durant joined the team after losing to the Warriors in which his team (Oklahoma City Thunder) blew a 3-1 serious lead. That very same year, the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to Cleveland in the NBA finals.

Teams across the NBA watched the Warriors blow out teams during the playoffs, only losing one game to Cleveland in the finals. Kevin Durant joined a team that had set the NBA record for most wins in a season (72) lead by the first ever unanimous MVP Stephan Curry. The Warriors have two of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA, one defensive player of the year and two MVP’s on the team.

Kevin Durant going to Golden State forced other superstars in the NBA to join teams so they could be able to beat Golden State. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are now on Oklahoma City Thunder along side Russell Westbrook; who averaged a triple-double during the season last year. Chris Paul is not on the Clippers anymore, he is now playing with James Harder in Houston.

There were a lot of player movement this NBA off-season. Some people will say that Golden State Warriors is still going to win the Championship even with all the other superstars teaming up. Cleveland Cavaliers did lost (trade) Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics but they were able to reload and get former MVP Derrick Rose, and Dwayne Wade; who won 2 NBA titles with LeBron James on the Miami Heat.

This NBA season is going to be one for the ages. NBA superstars teaming up to beat a super-team.

No one cares. It’s just the season!

The Cleveland Cavaliers are (4-6) in their last 10 games and has not won back-to-back games in almost two months. The Cavaliers have not been playing their best basketball in the last month. Due to many injuries; JR Smith (back from injury now) and Kevin Love have been sidelined for most of the season. Smith has been out since the beginning of the season and Love has been out for a little more than one month now but is expected to be ready for the playoffs.hqdefault Cleveland has been shuffling their roster all season; looking for a back up big man and a back up point guard. They added veteran point guard Deron Williams and veteran big man Andrew Bogut whom got injured his first two minutes in a Cavalier uniform. Bogut was later waived by Cleveland.

The media and many experts are starting count out the Cavaliers and are talking about the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics. The Wizards are two games behind Cleveland for the 1st seed in the East. The Celtics are only one game back from the Wizards and they are in the 3rd seed in the East.

This reminds of back in the day when Kobe Bryant and the Lakers would go on losing streaks right before the playoff starts and some experts will start doubting the Lakers to reach the NBA finals. The Lakers turn the switch on during the playoffs and beat every team to reach the finals and win it. This happen multiply times in the Kobe era. Some players or teams just don’t give that much effort during the end of the season but they would switch up the intensity during the playoffs.

Realistically, the Cleveland Cavaliers will reach the NBA finals again this year. People are starting to give the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics hope that they can beat LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in a playoff series. Yes, Celtics and the Wizards are both a game or two behind the Cavaliers but thats only because of the effort of the Cavaliers during the last stretch of the season.17872228-mmmain Some veteran players don’t try as hard during the end of the season like they would during the playoffs. LeBron James and the Cavaliers know they are going to the playoffs. They don’t care who the play or what seed they are. They will beat any team that they have to play during the playoffs, home or away.

Teams such as; Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards will all be competing against each other because those match up will be close playoff serious. The Cleveland Cavaliers will sweep each one of these teams in the playoffs this year. Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards might get lucky and win one playoff game against the Cavaliers but most likely not. I’ll see you in the NBA finals.